Q. I have seen swiftvoucher.com on my bank statement. What is this?

A. Swiftvoucher is a retailer of iCheque vouchers which can be used at many online retailers to pay for goods or services. If you can't remember buying one from us then please contact us.

Q. Are iCheques restricted to a single retailer?

A. No. iCheques can generally be spent wherever you see the iCheque logo

Q. Is iCheque regulated?

A. iCheque is operated by iCheque Network Limited, an issuer of eMoney. This is a regulated activity under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2002. This Act implemented into UK law the European Commission eMoney Directive adopted in 2001. The regulations are enforced in the UK by the Financial Services Authority.

iCheque was granted a Small eMoney issuers certificate by the FSA in January 2011 and is listed on the FSA register. iCheque operates within the conditions set out within its certificate and provides certain operational information to the FSA in compliance with its Provision of Information requirements

Q. How secure is the Swiftvoucher online sales application found within affiliate websites?

A. The Swiftvoucher affiliate sales application is effectively our web content, displayed inside the affiliate’s website. It is completely secure, and at no point can your private details be viewed by the affiliate.

Q. What are Swiftvoucher affiliates?

A. The Affiliates are marketing partners who introduce customers to Swiftvoucher. At no point do we share any of our customers' private data with our affiliates.

Q. Are iCheque users entitled to discounts with any participating retailers?

A. Not at the moment, but we do plan to add this functionality in the future. Our intention is that participating retailers will be able to create specific offers and campaigns

Q. How long is an iCheque valid?

A. iCheques are valid for 1 month from purchase. However, if they are not used within 48 hours of purchase the voucher code will be cancelled, and funds returned to your payment card.

Q. How can I tell if a participating retailer is genuine?

A. Simply visit the “Retailer Check” tool at iCheque.com. Enter the url of the online retailer and you can see whether they are a genuine retail partner of iCheque or not

Q. What is an iCheque voucher?

A. An iCheque voucher is an electronic voucher that once activated can be spent across a range of participating online retailers

Q. How do I become an iCheque retail partner?

A. Visit iCheque.com to find out how to become a retail partner

Q. When I buy an iCheque from Swiftvoucher what will appear on my card or bank statement?

A. Your purchase will appear on your card or bank statement as swiftvoucher.com

Q. What happens if I don't spend the entire value of the iCheque voucher?

A. iCheque issues single use vouchers that can only be fully spent. Please make sure you know the exact value of the iCheque required before making payment to us.